Monday, June 19, 2017

End of confusion regarding dates of UPakarma 2017

End of confusion regarding  dates  of UPakarma 2017 

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Sri Sarma SAstrigal has  published   a Tamil  letter   from Kanchi  Mutt   regarding the dates of Upakarma(attached)  :-
It says 
IN the last Durmukhi year  The  Panchanga Sadas   which is being organised    for past several years  was conducted in Vijayavada.  Several scholars including the Scholars  of the Srimata   who participated in that Sadas decided that due to Lunar eclipse   on Pournami of AAdi month(7/8/2017)  ,
Doing UPakarma on that day should be avoided  and it should be carried out  on the Pournami day  of AAvani month  and  as per that  it was decided that
1.Avani month  21 st  wedneday ( 6-9-2017)   is the  Yajur upakarma day
2,AAdi month  12th  Friday  (28-7-2017)   is the Rik upakarma day 
2.AAvani month  9th  Friday (25-8-2017)    is the SAma upakarma day
                              Sri Kanch i matam

I am also attaching  the  pages  of   the Panchangam published   by the Sringeri mutt  . It also says   the same thing.  I hope this would   clarify all    the doubts   we had   about  the correct Upakarma days   of 2017.


  1. The sathas conducted by vaithikasree, on11th an 12th june, 2017, conlcuded that there is no grahana dosham for events that are day specific. 'மாஸ ப்ரோக்தேஷு கார்யேஷு மூடத்வம் குரு சுக்ரயோ அதிமாஸாதி தோஷாஸ் ச ந ஸ்யு: காலவிதேர் பலாத்' so the yajur ulakam should be done on 7th Aug 2017.

  2. There is also a mention that performing it on bhadrapada month under sadayam star could bring ill effects to the performer.
    Dont know what aGnanis like me should do?

  3. Is this End or beginning of confusion.....
    The clarification from Kanchi Mutt came first....this actually confirmed what is mentioned in mutt and pambu panchangam...usually used by many...
    The Vaithikasree contrary verdict came few weeks later....this reiterated their verdict published in the earlier version....
    Curiously Vaithikasree did not consider (ignored?) the report of Kanchi Mutt in their discussion. The 6 page analyses of Vaithikasree in one-sided and has not "for" arguments to conduct in "Aavani" month.
    Moreover, Vaithikasree has gone one step further and "scared" karthas to "death" for performing in "Aavani" month; which the Kanchi and Sringeri mutt are recommending....
    I personally have high respect to both the learned institutions - kanchi mutt and Vaithikasree. Both have great scholars within them. In the present situation, rather than given contrary verdicts, it would have helped if both of them had come together and given a SINGLE verdict, acceptable to both of them. This would help the commoner (agnani's) like me....
    Jai Shri Ram

  4. There appears to be a third version.. followed by which talks about 17th and 18th of august. Rightly said agyanis like us get confused.

  5. There appears to be a third version.. followed by which talks about 17th and 18th of august. Rightly said agyanis like us get confused.